Hotel Albuquerque at Old Town
74th Annual Meeting
March 18-22, 2014


Destination: (1) the place to which one is going or directed; (2) the ultimate purpose for which something is created or intended.

A theme devoted to destinations informs all our work in anthropology and in the associated applied social sciences and humanities.

We are a world on the move. We are increasingly drawn to issues of transience and mobility. The leading question of our time might no longer be who are we but rather where are we going? Where will we live as storms imperil our lives and as sea levels rise, or as fresh water becomes a scarce commodity in many parts of the world? How do we imagine a fair and just world in those places where immigrants face discrimination and hostility and political refugees wait impatiently for someone to respond to their plight? Where do we find safe harbor when some of our most constant fellow travelers are disease and epidemics and where health care professionals struggle to respond to the needs of a diverse and highly transient population? Where do we locate the past and peoples’ heritage in such a great furor of instability and mobility? How and to what effect are peoples’ homes and environments transformed by the ubiquitous demands of a global tourism industry? How far must our food and goods travel to satisfy modern consumer demand? How do our cities and communities respond to the needs of the homeless, the undocumented, and multiple other visitors? How are the diasporas of the past reflected in the contingencies of the present, and how might we anticipate the movements of people in the future?

The 2014 meetings will reflect the Society's international membership and representation of all the applied social scientists. Proposals for sessions and individual presentations on all topics of interest to this broad constituency are welcome, as well as those more specifically tied to the year's program theme. Submissions from anthropologists and applied anthropologists who are practicing outside academic settings are most welcome. The program committee encourages the active participation of archaeologists with interests in public engagement and applied archaeological practice.

Erve Chambers, Ph.D.
SfAA 2014 Program Chair

SfAA 2014 Program Committee

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